Mildred Brown

Mildred Brown was an African American journalist, newspaper baker, and leader in the Civil Rights Movement in Omaha, Nebraska. Part of the Great Migration, she came from Alabama via New York and Des Moines, IA. In Omaha, she and her husband founded and ran the Omaha Star, a newspaper of the African American community.

After 1945, Brown continued to run alone what was the only African American newspaper in Omaha. It became the only newspaper of the African American community in the state. She used its influence for education, community building, supporting the national civil-rights movement and opening up jobs for blacks. In the 1960s President Lyndon Johnson appointed her as a goodwill ambassador to East Germany.

Brown was the first African American and one of only three women inducted into the Omaha Business Hall of Fame. She also has been posthumously inducted into the Nebraska Journalism Hall of Fame (2007) and the newly instituted Omaha Press Club Journalism of Excellence Hall of Fame (2008).

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