Carole Jeanpierre

Is a native of Omaha, Graduate from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, BA  Communication and Public Affairs/ Multidisciplinary Studies/ Concentrated areas of Music, Sociology, and Creative Writing. Carole is an International Classical Vocalist and Vocalist of all Genres. She has shared the stage with Rebba McEntire, Michael Bolton, The Williams Brothers, John Denver, Donnie McClurkin, Garth Brooks, Emil Borgir, to name a few. Carole has been singing since the age of 2 where she sang her first solo at Historical Calvin Presbyterian Church. She has performed at the Holland Performing Arts 4x as a guest soloist for different occasions, UCDavis University, Cleveland Ohio, Sacramento California, Hoboken New Jersey, New York at the Limelight, and the Great Bear, Austin Texas and is a well-traveled vocalist and uplifting speaker. She was a member of the Omaha Blues Mechanics with Leneard Williams, Henry Thomas, George Walker and has been a lead vocalist for many bands state to state. Carole studied jazz with the Notable Nat Jones from New York and with World-renowned Classical Vocalist Nicole Philibosian Gentry at Interlochen National Music School of the Arts (Former Metropolitan Opera Soprano). Carole pays 

Carole is the CEO of CJFNoalia: An Opera of Love Artistic Center of Life Foundation which serves wellness through the arts and meals. She is the Nebraska representative of the AWMFH against Domestic Violence (CEO Denise Wolford, Austin TX, Proclaimed in Omaha, Nebraska 2005 to Walk in honor of Rita Pegues), Carole has served 17 years as an in-home health care specialist and retired in-home health care in 2019. She is a Breast Cancer Survivor with a voice that speaks and sings to effectively bring positive change to the world.