Johnny Nesbit

Born and raised in North Omaha and graduated from Omaha North High in 2006.  He considers his passion for giving back to his community as a way to reciprocate to the village that poured into him, ultimately molding him into the man he has become today. His parents had him involved in the community at a very early age. This is evident through his dedication and years of service with numerous nonprofit organizations helping to make an impact in his community… all while balancing being a dad, son, uncle, big brother, little brother, and mentor just to name a few.  Johnny takes advantage of every opportunity he gets to expand his network and meet new people. He obtained his Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska – Omaha while interning at First National Bank of Omaha through his entire college career which led to a full-time position in Human Resources upon graduation. He is now going on 15 years at FNBO, is a brand ambassador of the bank, and recently became co-host of FNBO’s Dollar Bills YouTube series focused on financial literacy.